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Smoke Damage and Odor Removal Services in Castro Valley CA - Bay Area

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Major Causes of Home Fires - Understanding Smoke Damage & Odor Removal from Different Fire Types
Major Causes of Home Fires - Smoke & Odor Removal from Different Fires
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Understanding Smoke Damage & Odor Removal from Different Fire Types.
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It's not as simple as just repainting or cleaning out-burned items. Smoke damage poses multiple health risks that require an experienced professional restoring company with certifications in fire damage restoration
Most Common Types of Smoke Damage:
1. Dry Smoke. 
Dry smoke caused by high-temperature fires can spread quickly throughout properties, and they often result from paper or wood, which is why they're so often associated with home fires. The residue left behind on smoke-damaged items is powdery instead of sticky, making it comparatively easier to clean up.
2. Fuel/Oil Smoke Damage
Also called petroleum residue, it is less common in home and business fires unless petroleum products are present. However, heating appliances like oil-fired furnaces can malfunction. If it doesn't ignite properly, smoke and soot can be distributed throughout the property and surrounding space in the form of a small leak or minor explosion. 
Petroleum residue is sticky, dense, and especially difficult to clean. Its pungent odor is offensive and quickly ruins upholstered furniture when not cleaned promptly.

3. Protein Smoke Damage
Protein residue is created when organic material evaporates during a low-heat fire. This smoke is typical when a cooking mishap causes a blaze in the kitchen. This type of smoke damage is essentially invisible with no noticeable soot or streaking, but it can permanently discolor painted, varnished, or other finished surfaces
4. Wet Smoke Damage
Wet smoke damage comes from low-heat, smoldering fires, and both plastic and rubber produce this waste when they are burned. These incredibly smelly blazes usually have fewer flames but thick, black smoke than their dry counterparts.

Because wet smoke residue is sticky and dense, it has no problem completely covering your home or business's surfaces and often smears during the cleaning process. This smoke is difficult to remove without special equipment.

Smoke Cleaning & Remediation - Anything touched by fire or smoke should be cleaned or disposed of to remove fire-related compounds. 

KMC Cleaners & Restoring Services include:
  • Ash, smoke, and soot removal
  • Smoke odor cleaning
  • Air purification
  • Ventilation
  • HEPA Vacuuming
  • Dry-cleaning with chemical sponges
  • Ozone treatment
  • Thermal fogging
  • Application of sealers
All belongings should be cleaned, repaired, or removed. Surfaces that require cleaning after a fire include walls, ceilings, flooring, light fixtures, windows, shelving, counters, and doors.

What is the goal of smoke damage restoration?
KMC Cleaners' goal in smoke and odor restoration is to remove any evidence that there was ever smoke in the first place. We ensure that your home or building is returned to the state in which it was before the damage occurred. 

What to Expect in Smoke Damage Restoration.
A house, business, or forest fire can be devastating as is. Still, some people may not know that the clean-up process of the ash, soot, and chemicals left behind can be dangerous and is best left to the restoration professionals

Anything affected by the smoke or fire is repaired, cleaned, or replaced to remove any toxins, odors, and discoloration.
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