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Complimentary insurance review

Offer Valid: 01/17/2021 - 12/31/2030
Would you rather know what is covered or not on your insurance policies Before or After you have a large incident?
If you were involved in a bad accident (car, boat, home, work, etc) you know what your insurance covers (or dos not cover) and would you rather know these things before an accident or after?  

I'm happy to review your current insurance policies and answer any questions, no matter who you're currently insured with.  People often don't realize it's often just a few bucks a month difference to add a $1mil liability umbrella, they may be missing out on key discounts, and they may be missing some simple important coverages or paying for something they don't need.

Let me know any time you have any questions around insurance, and I'd be happy to look at your policy declarations pages any time as well!

By the way, I also do free notary for chamber members as well (other than mortgage ;)


This Hot Deal is promoted by Castro Valley / Eden Area Chamber of Commerce.

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